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'Till you feel better.
- Patteson

Daniel Klčo

Clinical Counsellor | BA, MCAP, CPA, RCC, CD

Daniel served several tours overseas as a pilot, and has had extensive experience in a variety of settings. He completed his initial History degree through RMC, has since undertaken a degree in Science, and is presently completing a masters in counselling psychology. He is an extremely confident public speaker, who frequently presents individual and group psycho-educaional material supporting those in recovery from various addictions. An avid athlete, he has completed numerous triathlons, has won several running competitions, and has a 3rd degree blackbelt in karate. The importance of traditional martial arts has been instrumental in developing his present mindfulness practice and teaching. He is a strong advocate for the benefits of this in balancing healthy living.

Foremost, he self-identifies as a loving father and family man. As a life coach, Daniel can help clients who are seeking strategies and confidence to make life changes. He will work with clients to help them develop a tailored plan to that will foster growth and development. He wholeheartedly believes in the importance community can have in strengthening our lives. He has been involved in many initiatives to promote mental health awareness, is a volunteer firefighter, and organizes events to benefit various charities.